About Us

The non-profit organization I Love the Planet (Volim Planet on Croatian) is an international initiative with Croatian origins founded in 2012.

Our effort to be a non-governmental and non-political body in order to realize our ecological and planet Earth protection goals led us to our decision that the main office should not be located in the interior of the country along with big industrial resources and lobbies. The untouched nature in Croatia and the Adriatic Sea all distinguishes themselves with a variety of natural wealth and rarities. The Adriatic Sea bordering Croatia is exceptionally and ecologically well maintained. It is a great headquarters base and home port for our non-profit projects.

To implement planet ecology protection projects as effectively and efficiently as possible, I Love the Planet has established a US low-profit limited liability office too and international network of project partners and representatives who act on behalf of I Love the Planet in their countries worldwide.

Our effectiveness comes from our unique vision, competency and enthusiasm to associate with others in order to obtain and share sustainable ecological, self-sufficient and living in resonance with nature solutions on the planetary level.

If you wish to understand better the purpose of the I Love The Planet organization, check all the main activity targets precisely prescribed in our bylaws here.

We use the English language primarily to communicate with all citizens of the planet Earth. It is the third most common native language in the world, after Mandarin and Spanish, but the most practical for communication worldwide.

I Love The Planet is a nonprofit organization that promotes ecological awareness, environmental protection, helps maintain healthy living across the oceans and seas, but at the same time inform and educate people on the planet Earth. We publicize and create appropriate projects and campaigns to promote these efforts. All citizens of the planet Earth are invited to become supporters or members of our organization.