How to Use Patreon to Get Cheap Social Media Marketing?

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Thanks to Patreon, you have the chance to get more views, plays, subscribers, followers, likes and shares on your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, G+ or SoundCloud social media accounts.

The basic truth about Social Media marketing is that it’s not an easy nut to crack. If anybody tells you it is easy, it’s just a deceit. It becomes more difficult daily. Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, G+ has more than a few billion users.

There are lots of contents circulating; it’s totally difficult to be reckoned with. Before now, people want new content; this made it quite easy to develop and advertise latest things. Presently, you must fight your way to the top. Before now, social media platforms had little strict regulations, and this gave room for a more promotional way out. Nowadays, you can just “pay their expensive ads” to promote yourself, and that’s all it takes.

That is the problem that SocMedClub on Patreon can solve!

SocMedClub is the first Patreon creator that do social media promotion that gives you more views, plays, subscribers, followers, likes and shares on your Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, G+ or SoundCloud social media accounts.

The full list of social media promotional activities available for you:

INSTAGRAM: Followers, Likes, Views, Comments
FACEBOOK: FanPage Likes, Post/Photo Likes, Widget Likes, Profile Friends/Subscribers, Reshares, Video Views
YOUTUBE: Views, Likes, Dislikes, Reshares, Favorites, Subscribers, Comments
TWITTER: Followers, Retweets, Likes, Tweets with your text, Tweet button
G+: Followers, Ones on Google+ Posts, Shares
SOUNDCLOUD: Followers, Plays, Downloads, Likes, Reshares

The short list of cheap social media marketing advantages you can get with SocMedClub:

  1. Real followers for Instagram: Get more followers on Instagram or get followers on Instagram fast
  2. Genuine Facebook advantages: cheap Facebook video views, easy Facebook likes and shares
  3. Organic Youtube advantages: Youtube views increaser, easy Youtube likes and Youtube subscribers fast
  4. Real Soundcloud promotion: Gain more exposure and reach your fans on Soundcloud, get Soundcloud plays cheap, increase Soundcloud downloads
  5. Other: similar effects on Twitter and G+ platforms.

Top Patreon Pages: SocMedClub

The interesting part is that all SocMedClub basic social media promotion service is FREE. How do they do all that? Because SocMedClub has been sharing social media promotion work for FREE, SocMedClub is expected to gather the following. That’s the way they do it.

SocMedClub page on the Patreon

The common thing today is “spammy” content marketing movement, the internet is a mixture of both valuable and extremely worthless advice, with everybody aiming to join the bandwagon so as to spend their cents. Finding something new and active is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

That’s why, when you do find something good – something different – it’s worth looking into.

SOCMEDCLUB certainly promise you a new way to AUTOPILOT social media promotion. You can get social media promotion, and your social media content can be “fresh and live” without personally fighting every day for new views, reshares, followers, etc.

You can find SOCMEDCLUB on Patreon here

Is Patreon worth your time?

Patreon was established in May 2013, in San Francisco by co-founders Jack Conte and Sam Yam. Till now, their CrunchBase profile acknowledges the fact that they’ve raised $17.1 million in funding from high profile investors, even with Alexis Ohanian, Danny Rimmer, Joshua Reeves, Sam Altman and David Marcus.

In his recent email to members, Patreon CEO and co-founder Jack Conte, calls Patreon “a callback to the conventional approach to patronage, with more range and strength than it was before.”
Presently, Patreon patrons jointly send close to $2 million every month to creators and number of Patreon top earners step-by-step increase every year.

Everyone can create Patreon account FREE within 60 secs. Concerning payment method, you need to have PayPal account or credit card.

Why join Patreon? How does Patreon work?

There are likewise diverse reasons to enroll as a patron of the arts on Patreon:

  • You have the chance to assist directly and few times impact the works created by your chosen creator
  • You will be opportune to see things before other people in the world or internet see them.
  • You will encourage and offer creators the chance to engage in their work full time.
  • You will get rewards from the creators you sponsor. The rewards are different, and it depends on whatever your creator thinks they can offer.

The fact is that it does not matter whether you wish to join the platform to become a creator or a patron, you want to be part of a community of inventors and people who love to assist them. It’s a big positive and loving environment, and it offers anyone that has a voice the capacity to turn their dreams into reality.


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