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The Ultimate List of Customer Review Websites to Help Customers and Companies

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I Love The Planet is an independent non-profit news and reviews source. We make reviews for consumers in all industries. These short news are relevant for domain name owners, web developers, trademark lawyers, intellectual property attorneys, domain services companies, domain registrars and anyone interested in the domain name and web presence industry.

What is a Review?

A survey site is a website where reviews can be posted concerning people, business or product, or service. These websites use online techniques to put up surveys from website users or may hire writers that are experts to author reviews on the topic of choice about the site. Exist lot types of reviews, like online business reviews, customer review sites, product review websites, website reviews ratings, local business reviews, business reviews and complaints, online store reviews and similar.

Multiple statistics over the internet shows that about 92% of consumer read some online review vs. 88% in the year 2014.

But surveys are not just important for customers they are also relevant for companies also, lots of companies just ignore reviews with no without any real reasons for doing that.

One of the major terrible things a business can do is to pay no attention to their online survey and social posts. The greatest error an organization is not to participate in assisting in shaping the chats concerning their company online. The business survey and social posts assist in reshaping a company’s online image and reputation.

Another side of the coin, the business survey gives worthwhile feedbacks for the company’s online status, it is very significant to know that reviews are practical feedback. They help organizations to evaluate their performance and know where improvement is needed; this is because there is always a chance for development and many things can be learned from positive business surveys.
From surveys, a business can know the goods and services they can boast about, which requires work and likewise detect workers who are efficient at customer service.

Good and Bad Reviews

Whenever an organization gives a service, the client’s either met or not. In the present day digital world, clients always take their encounter directly online. If the client has a good experience, the review could be magnified online and social media in order to inspire others. And if the experience is not positive, companies must reply immediately. This has to be done for clients who dropped the review, although most imperatively for every other people that will be reading the reviews. It is always a wonderful feeling to read and hear good reviews about your company, but negative reviews need to be considered as a chance for the business to improve.

We are making an effort with this article create The Ultimate List of Online Customer Review Sites that help as guide both sides (customers and companies).

Top Online Customer Review Sites

In the event that you want your reviews and star ratings to appear on google search results, you must have your reviews posted on your Google My Business profile. With the best reviews in your niche, you can appear in the Local Pack and glaringly on Google local search. Business surveys show up in search results in Google’s markup. The contents that show up in search of a firm or product, business reviews and evaluations are incorporated in the search index. At the end of the day, when a client searches Google, Google will know and probably show review outlines from online business reviews and customer ratings. The following is an example of how business reviews are appearing in search results.

Better Business Bureau
More than 390,000 business are using the BBB endorsement seal and more than 13 million BBB business reviews are read monthly. As indicated by BBB, 41% of respondents to their study said they trusted BBB surveys before Google and Angie’s List.

Angie’s List
Angie’s List is an exceptionally trusted review site to a great extent as clients need to pay for participation. This speculation eliminates the fake reviews that can get free review websites. Reviewers are not permitted to be anonymous, so you’ll discover more insightful and helpful reviews.

Trip Advisor
Trip Advisor is a standout amongst the most trusted review websites for all that has to do with hotels, eateries, airlines, attractions, and venues.

Amazon has been educating consumers to utilize their review framework for quite a while now. In this way, we ought to most likely express gratitude toward them for assisting in educating a mass of consumers to start abandoning them and making it as a component of an online consumer behavior, maybe.

Yelp has turned into a name tantamount to business reviews because the website has more than 102 million reviews and still counting. Yelp is a stage (survey site and application) where clients can distribute reviews about local organizations. Additionally, Yelp educates private companies how to reply to business reviews, have get-togethers for Yelp analysts and gives information about businesses that involve health evaluation scores.

Foursquare is a local search and disclosure service mobile application. Clients can tell companions where they are and discover where their companions are. Clients can likewise gather points, prize identifications, and coupons for checking in at places. Regardless, with 55 million regular dynamic users, Foursquare is an effective power to screen client dedication and input.

Trustpilot is a shopper review platform situated in Denmark. They’ve extended out of Europe into 65 nations, including the U.S. This is a platform for businesses which assist organizations from everywhere throughout the world proactively gather customer reviews. The seller reviews and products are written by clients, which makes it third-party verified.

TestFreaks is based in Swedish. They proactively assist organizations in collecting reviews and write seller’s reviews to supplement them. Their question and answer highlight, which gives potential clients a chance to post their questions and get answers specifically from your customer service group.

Which is a private consumer review company from United Kingdom that evaluates and appraise products and writes about the products.

Glassdoor is an employee review site. They help a wide range of prospective employees to prospective customers to investors. Workers could share what interview and work at their organizations is like, and the website tells visitors the organizations that employees testify they rate more.

Consumer Affairs
Consumer Affairs work to make it easy for people to pick the best companies for their purchases. They provide diverse and numerous consumer reviews and clever matching devices that make use of our exclusive technology to link users with organizations that satisfy their needs.

Consumers Advocate
Consumers Advocate is committed to bringing to public helpful, honest, accurate and thorough reviews of a wide range of products and services.

Pissed Consumer
Pissed Consumer is one of the leading consumer advocacy websites. They founded the procedure for problem negotiation and solution. Clients possess the chance to come up with diverse topics and have an opportunity to bring up different topics and let people in on their experiences to get the organization’s attention and have their problems resolved. People that have verified business accounts, can likewise drop public responses on Pissed Consumer as privately contact clients.

Review Websites for Business-to-Business Companies

G2 Crowd
Those who purchase software rely on G2 Crowd to get important customer reviews to match and make buying decisions. If you are into sales of software, you’ll need to ensure you have a presence in G2 Crowd. Monthly, more than month 300,000 people who want to buy software read the 37,000+ user reviews on this website in order to make great purchasing choices. G2 Crowd deals in something like Yelp, but software is the exact niche.

TrustRadius is an online review website for software businesses. They endorse their users via LinkedIn, which allow reviewers to know the opinion of their connections about software. Although, such reviews can still be anonymous. TrustRadius likewise allows you to reply to reviews.

Salesforce AppExchange
Salesforce AppExchange reviews are based on a five-star rating system, and every application has reviews listed with the most significant progressive review system from which users can filter by rating, date, and helpfulness.

Nonprofit Organizations as Review Sites

ConsumerReports is an independent product testing nonprofit organization that provides an unbiased check to rate and recommend products. They’ve reviewed more than 7.7 million products, they don’t receive advertising, and pay for every product that they check. This is as authentic as it gets. Therefore, you have little things to get done here “unless” if you sell a product, ensure that it’s absolutely good.

The choice is a member-subsidized nonprofit review website situated in Australia. Choice autonomously tests items and services and give implementation review to their members. The greater part of their work includes testing items and services, comparing products, and writing purchasing guides.

I Love The Planet
That’s us, creators of this customer review websites list. I Love The Planet is a nonprofit organization that takes part of their own activities, have an independent consumer review department. We test and review services and products and then write about them.

Part of our mission is to inform people independently about any topics that make live better or if the information is widely missing in our public news and at the end of all, in human consciousness.

We are submitting our reviews inside I Love The Planet website articles section.

We don’t accept submissions for testing or survey requests, but we encourage people to let us know about their products and services by emailing us.

Insurance Companies Review Sites

Insurance Reviews U.S. is focused on the United States insurance reviews niche. Their independent information about insurance is the voice of the insurance industry in the U.S.
We are publishing here independent customer review websites focused specifically on specific insurance institution.

Banking and Finance Companies Review Sites

We are publishing here independent customer review websites focused specifically on specific banking or financial institution. Huntington Bank reviews and complaints. Experian reviews and complaints. Experian reviews and complaints. Regions Bank reviews and complaints. Chase Bank reviews and complaints. City Bank reviews and complaints.

Army Technology Manufacturers Review Sites

We are publishing independent customer review websites that focus specifically on specific army technology manufacturers. Paramount Group reviews and complaints

Other Places for Consumer Reviews

Facebook does not moderate reviews, therefore, if one appears and you feel it should be taken down, you will have to report to Facebook by clicking “I don’t like this review” on your page. You can likewise rate and review businesses on their Facebook page. Ratings are an average of all public star ratings.

People don’t usually search for reviews directly on Twitter, but a user’s tweet, either complimentary or less-than, could pop up in the search engine results pages (SERP) when someone’s searching for reviews on your business.

Your Website
Finally, your own website is an excellent place to publicize reviews you receive. It is usually the reviews and testimonials section. However, people are usually actively campaigning for putting positive online reviews on own website only. Because that own website is more “cosmetic” place to publish reviews and testimonials.

Now It’s Your Turn

What other online review websites do you use or suggest, either as a business or consumer? Feel free to send us an email with your notes about the reviews topic.

Editor’s Note: This article has constantly being monitored and updated with new evidence-based, up-to-date information as needed.


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