Our vision is simple but ambitious — Love and Protect the Planet Earth.

I Love The Planet is a global environmental charity organization that doesn't accept government donations, so that we can have a really independent voice, but on other side this means that to fund our activities, we are dependent on the goodwill and generosity of individual people such as yourself.

People are an inseparable part of the Earth's ecosystem. Humanity has always found in the past a lot of ways to ignore ecology and the energo-ecological conditions in which we were all born and live. We wish to raise humanity awareness about our planet every day. By joining, you can become a part of the solution to the problems facing our planet.

Thank you for your support.


Please note that international donations to I Love The Planet are not tax-deductible.


Other ways to give
If you can't support our projects financially, you still can help by just taking actions that will create positive changes for the planet.

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