I Love The Planet: target activities prescribed in bylaws

As we know, bylaws are in short an organization's operating manual. In order to achieve our targets, we prescribed in bylaws following main activities for the I Love The Planet non-profit organization:

  • Inform and educate people on topics in the field of environmental protection, and the planetary energy-ecological environment
  • Protection of the environment and natural resources
  • Research, monitoring and analyzing the behavior of the sea and ocean ecosystems on a local and global level, and the study and monitoring of marine biodiversity and oceans
  • Promoting the ecology of marine ecosystems through nautical and other activities in the marine environment
  • Research the history of mankind for planetary progress.

I Love The Planet is a nonprofit organization that promotes ecological awareness, environmental protection, helps maintain healthy living across the oceans and seas, but at the same time inform and educate people on the planet Earth. We publicize and create appropriate projects and campaigns to promote these efforts. All citizens of the planet Earth are invited to become supporters or members of our organization.