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Every time someone learns more about the environmental issues and climate change through one of our videos, images, educational posts or news, they become a part of the solution. By getting up to speed and sharing the latest information, you will become a catalyst for change.

Share buttons are an important part of social media campaigns today. People often mean that they can’t do any difference and are demotivated or just lazy. But you can do something really on this way, without false optimistic words. These days when Internet connects our whole planet, you can share I Love The Planet news or actions on social networks where you are member, that you think deserves to be shared. This is important and helps our voice to go viral and global.

I Love The Planet’s share buttons appear in a large rectangle with a red background color and is easily accessible on right side of every web page that can be shared.

Viral messages helps that in global people consciousness be created in enough amount of awareness that at end on one or other way this result with changes.
So, you can make difference in this way. Spread to the word! Don’t ignore share social network buttons on our web pages near our news and actions. Just click our sharing buttons and share, multiply our social outreach, make your own personalized impact.

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